Federated making progress on power outages

Thu 4-11-2019

(JACKSON, MN) – Federated Rural Electric in Jackson continues to make progress on ice storm outage restoration in Jackson County. Federated warns it may get worse before it gets better due to the ice on the lines and high winds expected today.

At the worst point Federated had 2,700 outages with the western and southern part of Jackson County off and southern and northeast Martin County, stated Federated’s Operation Manager Joe Marthaler. “Overnight the crews made progress and outages were down to 220,” Marthaler said. “Most of these outages were caused by loss of the transmission lines that feed Federated’s substations. The ice buildup and strong winds cause the lines to gallop and slap together, along with downed trees.”

However, at 6:30 a.m. Thursday outages increased to more than 2,000. Crews had to be pulled from outage restoration to remove downed lines across Interstate 90 and Highway 86 at one point.

Presently, the substations without power are: West Lakefield and Round Lake. Wilder substation has been off and on as well. The town of Sherburn went off at 3:42 a.m. and most of Granada is off too as of 6:20 a.m. In addition, Great River Energy has downed transmission line poles too.

Federated has called for assistance from other utilities and power line contractors to assist with restoration. Federated crews have been working since Tuesday morning, went home for supper and then worked on outage restoration all night. Crews are being pulled to come in for dry clothes and a meal.

“Federated thanks members for their patience during this ice storm and for calling in the locations of downed poles or wires,” Marathler added. “This additional information helps our line crews work efficiently.”

Federated reminds the public to avoid downed power lines and poles. You do not know if the electricity is still on or off. We don’t want anyone risking an injury.

Watch for updates on Federated’s Facebook page. Phones are busy due to the extent of the outages.

Federated is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative serving 6,700 members in Jackson and Martin Counties.