Fall Library programs kick off Wednesday

Tue 9-10-2019

Fall library programs kick off tomorrow at all three Jackson County Libraries.  Minnesota photographer and author Doug Ohman will be presenting “Heart of the Farm – Barns of Minnesota” at all three libraries.  Ohman explains where the inspiration for this book came from…doug cut 1 

 “I’m a historic photographer.  Been doing this full time for over 20 years, and as I drive around Minnesota, and I’m a Minnesota guy, I see a lot of lost history in terms of architecture and buildings, and one of my favorites is barns.  So I began years ago to photograph them and began to realize that we’re losing many of our barns, every year.  So to document them, to learn about them, to share their stories with folks all over Minnesota became kind of a passion for me over the past number of years.  And I love it.  I didn’t grow up on a farm, but there is something about an old barn that really pulls on me and I think does on a lot of other folks as well.”


Programs will be in Jackson at 11am, in Lakefield at 2pm and in Heron Lake at 6pm.  All programs will be in the meeting room of the library and are free to attend.